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non-working raid driver

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voltaic    0

ok, i know people have been posting about raid drivers since the coming of christ, but this is a unique problem.

first: i have no desire to integrate my scsi driver into my cd

second: my scsi driver used to be (pre sp1 slipstreaming) integrated into the factory windows disk, and after slipstreaming sp1, it isnt.

third: ok, no big deal, just use the driver from a floppy. wrong! the driver will load and allow you to select a HD from the raid controller, but once it starts copying files (still in text mode) it says it can't find hpt3xx.sys.

it doesnt do this when installing to a regular hd, and it does do it regardless of raid controller and disk configuration (ie raid mode and disks in array).

it does it on multiple systems. i even rebuilt my install cd making sure that i used only 8.3 filenames for all my folders in case that was the issue. happened again.

if anyone can help, that would absolutely make my day.


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