MS-DOS: No VideoCard -> Console thru serial port ?

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Hi there,

i have an old FreeBSD-based web-server on which i want to install a Network-MS-DOS.

Problem: The System has no vga-connector, just a small LCD-display, which i couldnt use.

Later i want to control the system thru terminal-emulation and TCP/IP, but because i dont know the network-card-vendor/type, which is installed, its complicated to install a working Network-MS-DOS.

Is there any MS-DOS-Tool, with which i could get the console and my typings thru a 9-pin-serial connector to another pc?

That would make my search for a working netcard-driver easier. Cause, i could configure such a serial-system on an other pc and just plug the hdd to the vga-less-server.

Maybe someone could give me a tip.

Thanks in advance,



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Most probably NOT the answer you seek, but did you try a "universal" boot disk, like this very good one:


This usually covers 99% of NIC's :unsure:



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Probably too late, but here's your answer :

C:\>ctty /?

Changes the terminal device used to control your system.

CTTY device

device The terminal device you want to use, such as COM1.


CTTY is a built-in capability of COMMAND.COM



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