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Well, I just need some inspiration to start my website, like ideas, design and what not, right now its a blog ( )

as you can see, i hardly update it and I just dont know what to do, i mean if i have a purpose to make a website then that would be cool, but i really don't or something just hasn't sparked my brain yet.

if ANY one could give me ideas, inspiration, and what not, that would be great.

I love having a web host, i can soo much stuff on it, but i can't make a website for my self, i have another domain ( ) that i am working on and as you can see its coming along, its not need to be done right off, cause of changes ideas, but its not as important as my site. (the nerwin one) :D so i would greatly be pleased if anyone could give me some inspiration.

thank you all! and please don't hesitate to ask any questions, if they will help me, i will try my best to awesner them, thanks once again!! :D


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