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One of the the things that were looked forward to in Vista SP1 and Server 2008, was the ease with which updates could be merged into the base OS. It was said that in Office 2007-style, you'd just have to drop-in the updates you want to install automatically, in an "Updates" folder on the installer DVD. It might not be preferred to updating the WIM, but is the simplest method in a time-crunch.

These are what I'd like to know:

Has the functionality of "Updates" folder from DVD, been implemented? (haven't seen such a folder on the integrated ISOs from technet)

Is any specific argument required to switch on this functionality in AutoUnattend.xml ? (or are the Updates picked up automatically, as promised?)

What should the folder be called, and where should it be placed? (simply Updates? or $Updates$ ? root of DVD? or inside $OEM$ ? )

At what stage/pass of setup are these updates installed, or are they copied and installed at first boot?

Which types of updates are supported? (*.msu, *.msi, *.cab ? )

If someone has any information at all about this, please post here, since googling hasn't turned up anything much related to this. Even little bits of news or URLs to more info would be much appreciated.

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as far as i kmow, you still need to use teh Peimg to intergrate Updates into Server2008, the documentation in the 2008 WAIK has not changed on that


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