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[Release] Rhor's PNG Pack version 2

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Finally, this is the second version of those pesky icons of mine. There are 187 PNGs in total on the whole pack (3 parts). I'm not using the standard 256 * 256 px format in many designs because any icon maker software can convert them easily to the right sizes automatically.

Where applicable, you will find that the PNGs have layers, making easy for anyone to modify colors and stuff like that.

If you compare them to the first ones on my gallery, you may think many are exactly the same, well, they are not. Subtle variations you will find; some noise, blurry surfaces, etc... It took me many days and a lot of effort to complete the collection, so please, be gentle with your opinions.

The screenshots are the following:

Part 1

Download Link

Part 2

Download Link

Part 3

Download Link

I will NOT be releasing the ICO version, instead, Mr. lsdmeasap will upload an IconPackager version of this pack on his Gallery. And, I will not take requests for now, I have to finish some other designs first, but if you need help with anything else that is design related, let me know please, I'm here to help whenever I can.

Please, for the people who would like to post this pack on some other place, like blogs and sites alike, do it, but let me know as well, I would like to keep an eye on the real gallery traffic.

By request, you will find the some images to replace the Live Folders and the Data Live Folders on Vista as well.

The tools I used are the following:

Fireworks CS3, AlienSkin Impact, Nature and EyeCandy 4000, Filters Unlimited, Page Curl Pro, Axialis IconWorkshop, Restorator 2007 and ColorCop.

I would like to thank many people who helped, the list is below, and if I forgot somebody, please forgive me, right now I cannot even remember if I ate last night. Also, keep in mind that many designs were created by me, but many others were created by some genious artist (unlike me), so if you, genious artist, find any of your designs in this pack, let me know, so I can remove it by request, or put you on the list of appreciation.

Thanks and Kudos to the following people who helped me to create this **** pack:

Mr. lsdmeasap (Link)

Mr. waiteng86 (Link) (His incredible work made me do all this)

Mr. Guesswho at JoeJoe's

Mr. Marcolino at JoeJoe's

Mr. Kudesnick at JoeJoe's too

And many other people here on DeviantArt, that really deserve the title of "Artist".

I really really really hope you like this pack, as I said before, it took me a lot of effort, pringles, oreos, marlboros, gatorades and beers...

Thank you kindly for the visit, I will be sleeping now for the next 3 days.

My Gallery at DA.

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These are really GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYTHING Cant be better than this

yep your right really nice pack thanks ;) ;) Rhor

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