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SP2 or what? biosinfo.inf

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Is this intended for SP2? I thought I was doing something wrong when I kept getting biosinfo.inf could not be found in $WIN_NT$.~BT, then I noticed that nLite was deleting alot of files, so I decided to only use it to integrate KB updates, which caused absolutely no deletions, mostly just additions + changes (checked with ExamDiff). Then I saw how it's supposed to work with the $OEM$ folders so I customized the reg files and added my switchless installers (with modified nLite.cmd makecabbed back in -> NLITE.CM_) Also I made some changes to winnt.sif to match some of what was happening in nLite. This is what I confidently believe to be a 'loaded' XP CD, as opposed to 'stripped'.

What could be going wrong? Is biosinfo.inf supposed to be in $WIN_NT$.~BT, or is it (wherever this reference is coming from) supposed to be pointing to where the file is actually ending up: \$WIN_NT$.~LS\I386\ ?

I'm going to try attaching my log file. (lots of copy errors in there)

BTW, I'm using a Lenovo 3000 C100. My CD Rom drive is dead, so I have to do this.

One partition, formatted NTFS (do I need to format this clean again?)

USB likes to take C drive

(could not attach: Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file) will post...


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Program - USB_MultiBoot3.cmd - 14 feb 2008 - Date = 19/02/2008 0:26:44
Prepares MultiBoot USB-Drive provided with Windows XP Setup LocalSource
Supports Booting: MS-DOS FREEDOS BartPE WinPE 2.0 and Setup Windows XP
Supports GRUB4DOS with DOS FLOPPY IMAGES + Linux and Supports SYSLINUX Menu

*** BEFORE YOU START: *** Use 2 GB USB-stick with High Read/Write Speed
First Format to Make Bootable USB-stick with FAT FileSystem, FAT = Faster
such that USB-stick has NTLDR Bootsector and is seen by BIOS as Harddisk
PeToUSB Settings:
To Format USB-Drive : Enable Disk Format with LBA FAT16X
For Install of BartPE: Give BartPE Source Path and Enable FileCopy

OR Use Existing USB-stick with NTLDR Bootsector and Multi boot.ini Menu
GUIDE: [url=""][/url]
For AUTOSTART: COPY PeToUSB.exe in your USB_MultiBoot3 folder
PeToUSB Download [url=""][/url]

For UNATTENDED XP Install make Changes in USB_MultiBoot3 folder:
Change Product Key in winnt.sif and Change $OEM$ folder to your needs

FOR USB-Harddisk make 1900 MB partition at beginning of the USB-Harddisk
Use FAT Format and Set Active OR use PeToUSB to Format such partition

PeToUSB.exe was launched to FORMAT USB-Drive

DriveList FAT FAT32 NTFS
drives = D: E: G: H: I: J: K: M: N: Q:
mkbtpath = C:\USB_MultiBoot3\

usb_type = USB-stick
xpsource = L:\
usbconfg = X_CONTENT
usbdrive = N:
usb_temp = usb_xpbt

MOST part of the post deleted by jaclaz

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Somehow parsing DOSNET.INF for making Windows XP Setup Bootfolder $WIN_NT$.~BT

is not going well. I think biosinfo.inf is supposed to be copied to $WIN_NT$.~BT

Where is your XPSOURCE Located ?

Can you change the location such that the XPSOURCE is a Folder containing I386 folder ?

Can you check if something is wrong in your DOSNET.INF file.

May be you can try to use an XP-SP2 Clean Source to see if that can solve your problem.

nLite can be used to Integrate Windows UpdatePacks in the XP-Source.

May be you can give your DOSNET.INF as Attachment (zip the file first).

For Attachments you can change the .log extension of the file in .txt


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Ok. I was about to take a little break from this, but it's bugging me now. I restored the factory partition (glad I backed the thing up - thank Acronis!... and USB/IDE adapters) and just went back to square one (yawn), because I need my laptop (and my 2G stick) in working condition for the rest of the week.

The page that led me (back) to when looking for a solution for USB XP install had an interesting comment about a change made to a line of code that fixed their own particular problem with the biosinfo.inf message. This is apparently a page regarding an older version of this script package.

I searched the USB_MultiBoot3 folder for the text SET __xpdir.!dtel!=%%H and found:

1 instance in BT_folder2.cmd

1 instance in CMDCONS_Folder.cmd

1 instance in USB_MultiBoot3.cmd

I don't know which of these scripts/sections actually run during my setup, but the snippet is the same in each:

SET cpyflag=0
SET /A dtel=0
FOR /F "tokens=1,2* delims== " %%G IN (%xpsource%\I386\DOSNET.INF) DO (
IF "!FTAG!"=="[Directories]" (
SET cpyflag=1
) ELSE (
IF "!FTAG!"=="[" SET cpyflag=0
IF "!cpyflag!"=="1" (
SET /A dtel=!dtel! + 1
SET __xpdir.!dtel!=%%H

Now I'm looking at my DOSNET.INF and I'm seeing this:

d1 = \I386
d2 = \cmpnents\tabletpc\I386
d3 = \cmpnents\mediactr\I386
d4 = \cmpnents\netfx\I386

I'm not a major pro with batch scripting, but if the delims are '=' and ' ' (right?), then wouldn't that first line give something different? I don't know... it just sticks out for being different. I think I did try changing that line when I was working with the old version before I found this board... obviously I abandoned that whole branch.

I'll attach the whole DOSNET.INF anyway.

My XPSOURCE is in the physical CD-ROM (L:) VX2PVOL_EN

Can you change the location such that the XPSOURCE is a Folder containing I386 folder ?

I don't quite get what you're saying here... the root folder on L:\ contains I386... or do you want me to point to I386 directly?

My USB_MultiBoot3 folder is on root of C:\ to avoid any "spacing problems" (if any)

I can try the clean source idea, but it will have to be like... 2 weeks from now when I'll get a weekend to myself at home.



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Thanks for your Feedback Info on DOSNET.INF problem

The problem is that the line with d5 is occurring before the line with d1.

This causes the number identification of Directories going wrong.

This type of DOSNET.INF file was not foreseen.

I will change the script and remove the error.



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New Release Available:

The in some cases possible DOSNET.INF Parsing Error so that biosinfo.inf file was Not Found etc.

has been corrected. ;)

At the same time some more small improvements were made. :)




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I understand you are newish here :), and I also understand that what is usually defined as "common sense" is often unexpectedly UNcommon, but come on, the board is to post shortish messages and code snippets, NOT several hundreds of lines of text.

Please use the attachment feature, attaching a FILE, whenever you have LOOONG things to post...;)



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