USB stops working during XP setup

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my first post here and I hope one which can be solved.

During the XP installation (from usb) at a certain point I notice that the lights on my Keyboard and Mouse switch off and so I am assuming usb support is halted for a moment.

The problem is that I then get a popup with a windows logo testing thing (driver signing). Now a workaround for this is actually given by microsoft:

but then unattended is the one option which I believe cannot be modified in the winnt.sif right?

so can som1 PLZ PLZ tell me how I can get rid of this problem? Cuz atm is am SOO in love with this whole usb xp thing but I can't seem to get this one bugger out of the way. Thanks!!


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How about this solution?

What is the unsigned driver?

I doubt it's anything related to the USB install, it should fail the same way if installing from CD as long as contents are the same.

When you lights go off and on this is the part with the hardware detection, which is not only USB.

What is your source? Have you integrated custom drivers? How?


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The source is from a windows xp sp2 with hotfix / updates up to april 2007 (couldnt bother to update it).

I did not integrate any drivers as I did not think this was necessary.

The solution proposed did not help as I edited the hives ini file but still the same window appears. Also I could not find the syssetup.dll only the syssetup.dl_ and opening this with Tiny Hex Editor did not give me anything useful.

--------------- UPDATE ---------------

Somehow the usb worked again. All I did was right before I knew the usb was going to die I started moving the mouse frantically. For some odd reason it did not stop and I could click on the driver signature popup.

The driver signature was for Microsoft UAA


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Integrate in your XPSOURCE BTS DriverPack Massstorage with TXT Mode Enabled,

which makes anyway the XPSOURCE much more usefull.

In that case the GUI Mode of XP Setup starts with presetup.cmd

which executes:

REM +==========================================================================+
REM | Disable Driver Signing Policy and keep it disabled. |
REM |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
START %SystemDrive%\DSPdsblr.exe

This might solve your problem. ;)

We use a customised version of presetup.cmd which you find in folder makebt

More Info on BTS DriverPacks:

- Supports the use of BTS DriverPacks located in OEM Folder on USB-Drive -

For Install of XP on a modern system with SATA Drives it is needed to use DPsBase.exe

for Integrating in your XPSOURCE BTS DriverPack Massstorage with TXT Mode Enabled.

In that case a lot of Extra RAID SCSI and SATA Drivers (about 120 extra) are Integrated which appear in the

XP Setup BootFolder $WIN_NT$.~BT on USB-Drive and can prevent a lot of XP Install Boot Problems.

First use RyanVM Integrator and than use DPsBase to Improve your XP-Source.

The program supplies a Customised presetup.cmd and changes the winnt.sif file for use of DriverPacks.


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