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RIS problem TFTP Time out

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Since we have install IP pHone , we have problem with the RIS Serveur.


Two DHCP configured to lease IP to Machine and Phone, we have two building connected with routers, and we have somes Cisco switchs.

Bluiding 1: all serveurs (Dcs, exchange etc..), somes clients XP

builiding 2 : only client machines (XP)

building 1 and building 2 are connected with routers.

when i want to install a machine I have the following sequence:

the machine receive a configuration DHCP ( IP, gateway etc....) following by:

TFTP (1s)

MTFTP........ ( 3mn maybe more)


PXE-E32 : TFTP open timeout


PXE-T01: file not found

PXE-E3B:TFTP error file Not Found

PXE-M0F existing intel PXE ROM

operating system not found

I add these options ( 60 66 and 67 ) to dhcp

I think problem may come from switch or routetr

Please Help


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RIS TFTP Timeout error, Window 2000 Help, Windows 2000, Exchange, mail, Active Directory, backup, maintenance, problems & troubleshooting..


my blog

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