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First, a big thanks for the work you have already put into WUD--it's a very helpful tool! :thumbup If you could work this suggestion into a future version, I believe it would be even more helpful.


Currently, the user can only specify one download folder and one set of program options which then applies to all Update Lists. For example, a user routinely downloads updates for both Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows XP 32-bit. It would certainly be reasonable for said user to want to download the updates to two different download folders, so as not to mix the Vista updates with the XP Updates. In one case the user is interested in removing unlisted updates, in the other case he is not. It would also be reasonable for said user to want to set the program options differently for each Update List, so as to organize them differently for each OS.


I believe it would be more useful to specify one download folder and a set of program options for each Update List. Perhaps the Update List file format could be expanded to accommodate the program options to be used with that Update List, as well as the download folder path to which the updates should be copied? Nothing would need to be changed in the currently published lists. Once the user downloads a list, they would then edit the program options and download path, once for each list. Afterward these options are saved in the Update List file itself and retrieved by WUD when the user switches to a different Update List.

Thanks for your hard work and your consideration,


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I appreciate the feedback and thanks for the support. It's an interesting idea, and not too much work to do. I'm planning (hopefully this time around, it'll become true) soon to actually start development on revision 3 now that a lot of the dust has settled recently. Do keep in mind, there's already an option which will seperate downloads from each UL into their own Product folder. Though I still like the idea of saving settings based on the UL in use.


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