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To beta or not to beta

To beta or not to beta  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Operating System?

    • RTM and beyond Only
    • RC Stage is as risky as I get.
    • Beta - I gave props to some, but others i dissed 'em
    • Alpha - Im on the bleeding edge!
    • Pre Alpha - Its not so bad once you disable error reporting!
  2. 2. Drivers / System software

    • Latest Stable Please!
    • Beta but only its not too new
    • Beta - I gotta squeeze 3 more frames per second out of this rig
    • Alpha - Because I can
    • Pffft!! Noobs. I write all my own drivers from scratch in notepad!
  3. 3. Applications / Games

    • I'll take the fully tested version.
    • Beta - The betas been out for 5 minutes and youre still using last weeks build? whats wrong with you?
    • Alpha - Its a dirty job but somebodys gotta do it

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For OS and service packs I go with RTM only. I really dont like beta testing that stuff.

For drivers I use stable release, except for NVIDIA GeForce drivers. Those I generally use betas.

For applications, its a mixed bag. For example I only use Firefox releases but I have no problem with Ad Muncher betas or the latest SMPlayer builds.

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