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Hide some icons on desktop...

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Hi !

I'm trying to allow a XP/Vista user to hide some icons on his desktop, by an utility program, written in C.

I have access to the desktop syslistview32 but I don't know what to do now.

This kind of control doesn't seem to be able to hide some of its items.

I've tried to change the attributes of the shortcut file, but it don't work on All users' icons, and doesn't work if the user told explorer to show hidden files.

My idea, for the moment, is to hide the desktop window (the listview), and to create mine, child of the "Progman" window.

The problem : I don't know if it's a good way to work, nor if it's compatible with Vista...

An example of what I'd like to do : hide the Visual Studio desktop icon, let the user put another icon on the Visual Studio icon position and then go back to the old state.

If you have any idea, please tell me !

Thanks for answers :thumbup



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I've tried some functions, and I've found how to hide an icon on the desktop.

I just have to send a LVM_DELETEITEM to the desktop ListView.

The problem is that it is visible again after a manual refresh of the desktop (F5 or right clic->Refresh).

Moreover, I have to be able to set the visibility of icons as I want; but if I call LVM_DELETEITEM, I don't know how to re-create the icon (the most important : does it have some information about the file pointed by the shortcut ?).

Thanks for help :hello:


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