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Remove Media Center from Media Center 2005?

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njcarlos    0

I was looking to do the same, but I can't find what you're referring to with "multimedia components." I've very new to nLite and "slipstreaming" so I'm not even certain where to look, but thus far it appears pretty straight forward, I just need to know if it's possible and what content to ignore/disable/enable when creating the ISO.

I have an OEM copy and it's only 1 CD. The entire process is XP Professional Setup, all the way until the last reboot. At this exact moment I'm going to try skipping that step by ejecting the DISC and trying to ignore it's request to re-insert it to "install 20 applications." If I can ignore it, I'd hope it would be a straight copy of Pro. If not, I think nLite is my only solution... or sticking with MCE. Honestly, I have no need for MC and while disabling everything associated with it is a decent solution, it doesn't address compatibility issues with lazy software/hardware developers who fail to take into consideration the MCE line of Windows.

With that said... can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to modify the install as to only get Pro installed? My search has come up empty, aside from this thread and another thread which confirms that it is in fact possible to achieve with nLite.

Thanks in advance for any/all advice!


Update: Unfortunately, skipping that step didn't help at all.

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