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alternative Radio Buttons?

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Hello friends of unattended installations :-)

could someone explain my how to create radio buttons in the way that if i select one, the other ones of the group are automatically disabled? at the moment i can select all radio buttons of a group at the same time, but i want that the user can only choose one type out of all in the group. (see my example below).

by the way i use WIHU since about 1 or 2 hours and it's amazing :-)

group = 1

test.eval.0 = selected.1 | selected.2 | selected.3
selected.0 = if.false
description.0 = MyProgram Standalone
command.0 = %WIHU%\MyProgram\App.exe /s /conf="%WIHU%\MyProgram\Standalone.ini"

test.eval.1 = selected.0 | selected.2 | selected.3
selected.1 = if.false
description.1 = MyProgram with IE Toolbar
command.1 = %WIHU%\MyProgram\App.exe /s /conf="%WIHU%\MyProgram\Toolbar.ini"

test.eval.2 = selected.1 | selected.0 | selected.3
selected.2 = if.false
description.2 = MyProgram with a lot of crap
command.2 = %WIHU%\MyProgram\App.exe /s /conf="%WIHU%\MyProgram\Crap.ini"

test.eval.3 = selected.1 | selected.2 | selected.0
selected.3 = if.false
description.3 = MyProgram Full Installation
command.3 = %WIHU%\MyProgram\App.exe /s /conf="%WIHU%\MyProgram\Full.ini"

i thought it should work this way, but it seems to be wrong :-)

Edited by ladiko

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You're right to use group but should use anything else. ;)

group.x = (0 or 1) If 1, the software subtree will contain option controls instead of checkboxes.
Edited by Camarade_Tux

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could you define "anything else" a little bit more precise?

or what is the sence of the option group? only graphical? :rolleyes:

Edited by ladiko

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