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Printing In VB 6.0 ?

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all sumed up i have a vb application that you can fill stuff out in, and has a print button you click that prints the application out.. is there a way to print the entire application instead of having to fill out this long print command stuff?

lol here's an example of something that i tried but didnt work...

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Printer.Print Form1
End Sub

edit ++++++++++++++++

found a command that would work

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim Msg ' Declare variable.
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler ' Set up error handler.
PrintForm ' Print form.
Exit Sub
Msg = "The form can't be printed."
MsgBox Msg ' Display message.
Resume Next
End Sub

only bad thing is when i go to print it doesnt center the form, it prints it to the top left corner.

does anyone have an idea how to make it print mabe top center or dead center of the page?


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