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Great utility. I tried to install XP on my optical drive-less tablet and it took me days until I found your gem. I retired it for a while but now I am re-formating a few of my machines.

Anyways I have 2 machines where the USB key loads the bootloader (txt, GUI, Grub ect...).

On another machine (the most important one, murphey's law), I get a "disk read error occured; Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

I'm confident I have the USB stick set up correctly because it works on 2 of my machines. Clearly somethings not working. Any idea's on what I have done or what may be wrong?


JOe K.


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Try to format in another file system, FAT16, FAT16x, FAT32...

What program did you use to format USB stick and in what file system?

You may also try to play with BIOS options- USB legacy support and if it has USB emulation mode.

How do you choose to start from USB- using a hot key like F11 and change order or within BIOS? Try the latter.

Read also here, FAQ #10 in particular:


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