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Hey there everyone.

I have been waiting for my school year to end and now it basically has so i am announcing the beginning of a project i have been planning to start for a while. It is called the Seyora project.

The first thing i plan on making is a windows theme for those people who don't want a new operating system.

My second is a little bit bigger... ok fine... a lot bigger. I'm creating an operating system using Linux From scratch.

The thing is, i cant really start this without partners. So i would like to know if there is anyone out there with any kind of experience with themes, operating systems, shell packs, coding and really....anything else that has to do with this.

I am very good with photoshop so i will be doing most of the graphics.

I will post some pictures and stuff asap.

Btw im sorry about any spelling mistakes or grammar errors but i did this in a bit of a rush.

Thanks in advance.


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Hey everyone ive made a little logo for this project....tell me what you think



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Hey I haven't worked much with Linux but I am interested in helping you out.

Building your own OS? Sounds very interesting!

Look for examples of my (Sometimes shoddy :( ) Work:




Anything in my name at those sites

I have made themes, have lots of standard Windows coding experience and some ok graphics ability.

Am PM'ing you with my info now.


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