KB890830 MRT still wants an update

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I discovered something interesting with June 2008's MRT KB890830 download!

This may seem like an XPCREATE topic, but it really isn't. Just read on.

Using Greenmachine's XPCREATE, I've integrated KB890830 v1.42 (June 2008) into the sources.

However I noticed that it still wants to install it via WU.

I downloaded from the manual link and did a file compare from the SVC-MRT folder and they were identical.

Then I decided to download it from the Microsoft Update Catalog and it downloaded these two files


Comparing the manual download and the 1st file from the catalog, they were identical!

Then I looked at my WindowsUpdate.log and found that it only downloaded the delta file. This tells me that the original KB890830 integrated successfully, but it still wants the delta file so it still shows up on WU.

I've looked over the various MRT and KB890830 pages on microsoft and did a search for the delta and could find nothing!

For all you unattended no update needed installers (self included B) ) I find this both irritating (that the manual download isn't really up to date) and no mention of the additional delta being needed.

Any comments or thoughts. Has MS ever done this before? Shouldn't the manual download include it? Or at least re-issue the update with a .1 after the version? Do I just need to use the Catalog from here on out instead of the URLs in the "details" of each update? (which is how I determine most of what is needed to download and use the Download button to obtain the update)

UPDATE: The original and DELTA files are slipstreamed/integrated into my install source and WU no longer offers it. Apparently you need both.

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