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Clean up/create some space.

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I'm very impressed with the speed difference between Vista and 2008 Server as WS. This is a vLited Vista vs. vanilla 2008 WS, it is simply amazing. The only thing bothering me is the disk space that used in 2008 WS. But I can't use vLite on the ISO becuase it will breakd add/remove features preventing me from enabling Wireless networking and Desktop Experience among others after install. Does anyone know a way around this? OR a way to gain some HD space back from 2008 WS? I hope a new vLite will stop breaking the add/remove features but I fully understand nuhi is not focussing on 2008, vLite is for Vista not for 2008 Server/WS. Anyone got any tips?


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I don't think there is a way. vLiteing I think is for people who don't use it as a workstation, so there isn't actually a way unless you somehow find a way to delete extra languages (they take up a LOT of space).

I'd just use it as is, it'll always be faster than Vista and just as good.


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