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Description of Windows HotStart

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Windows HotStart is a new feature in Windows Vista that enables you to click a button and immediately start a program regardless of whether your mobile PC is on, sleeping, in hibernation, or off. Within a few seconds of clicking a HotStart button, you can start a media program, such as Windows Media Player, to play a CD or watch a DVD that you've recorded, or browse and play audio and video files from your hard disk. At any point, you can exit or pause the media program to return to your desktop without having to restart your mobile PC.

Although HotStart is ideal for playing media that you've recorded or stored on your hard disk, you can also configure the button to start other programs, such as an e-mail program or web browser. HotStart also works on desktop computers.

source from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-v...ity-center.aspx

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