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Problems integrating Sil 3112 Raid Driver...

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"you haven't started this thread" yes, THERE i have read it! now i know... when i read it in the first post i thought model description "lan party" was a joke.

"latest Sil3112 RAID BIOS version is 4.2.84" and that was my bad, sorry.

1. are they that bad? i had my share of problems with them but i usually do with every electronic device (my extensive aura 8). many people use them, i used them for 3 years. they werent worse than nvraid.

2. my thoughts exactly. i saw cards based on this:


sata raid + ata port which i also need. but my motherboard features a jmb368 (single ide connector) integrated. do you think they would work together?

3. i dont really need a quick os. i need a relatively fast data storage space to manipulate thousands of pictures eg. faster is better but to tell you the truth this setup (nvraid, later sii raid + the 2 samsung hdds divided into system+swap+data partitions - 6-4-4XXgb) was always enough for me.

thanks for your advices, i sure will take them into consideration!



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ok folks,

now i officially give up. i wanted to try vlite+vista+sii driver x64 but i couldnt even get vlite working. i had a quite ususal error message (based on the forum), tried some of the suggested methods, they didnt work.

i will swap the sii controller card for another (jmicron) in a few days and i can only hope that i will behave better.

that and the fact that everything we try is like running into a wall leads to this: i stop trying with the sii and nlite combo.

id like to thank you, forum members who didnt spare time and effort to help to find a solution to this issue and gave me invaluable advices.

we failed but at least we tried. we deserve points for that.

and, addressing those who may have this problem in the future: good luck!




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