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When I Play PES 2008 or any game on gamepad only, the system does not detect Activity and the screen shut off.

Anyone else has this problem?


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1) Make sure, in your BIOS, that "Allow USB devices to wake the computer" is enabled. Might be called something else. In AWARD BIOS's [most Gigabyte boards if not all] it's under Power Management.

2) In Device Manager, under "Human Interface Devices", go into properties for EVERY entry starting from the top > "Power Management" Tab > check "allow this device to wake the computer". If the Power Management tab doesn't appear, skip it and go to the next one in the list.

That should fix it. If it still doesn't work, the game/software is bugged or your drivers are bugged or something. It works fine for me with my XBOX controller though =)

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