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xp sp3 dual ethernet?

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First of all I'm glad to be back. Have not posted since I was doing the AIO's.

Second please understand I am in Thailand not the land of luxury. The best ISP's are ADSL with a speedtest thruput of 1300-1700 kbps.

I have 2 ISP accounts (different providers) and wish to know how if possible to "merge" them to increase or at least maintain speed as I run an internet shop and the Thai girls LOVE using webcams.

MAchines: ASROCK (Vga) ALIVENF6P-VSTA MB with Windows XP SP 3 final installed.


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the systems are all on xp, vista doesnt cut it here yet. i need to keep it as simple and limited as possible so i can do other things. the mentality here is multipartition formats are a MUST do on everything. there is no intelligence just a "copy it do it the same same" :wacko: mentality.


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