Media Center Updates after SP3

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I have a SP3 slipstreamed MCE disc which works perfectly, but I'm missing the Media Center updates.

I know there is update rollup 2... but I seem to remember updates after that, maybe another update rollup and some other updates.

I need a list of all Media Center application updates from a slipstreamed SP3 source.

The reason I can't check them myself is because I ripped IE and IEcore out with nLite and have no access to Windows Update.

Thanks for any help,



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Hi there probably a bit late wit this one but i was browsing and felt like giving you this tip.

here goes, extract these from the rollup package(7zip).... kb903157, update rollup 2 and kb925766, install all without rebooting then install media format 9.5

which is in there too and reboot. it worked every time i tried.

hope thats ok


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