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The Life and Times of Unclesocks

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Tripredacus    286

So did the company you worked for come back to life as well, or did you acquire Uncle Socks when it shut down? And butwhy.com does not seem to exist, so I assume that is an internal domain name? Just curious.

My current company bought parts of my old company and I was retained. The actual Uncle Socks hardware might still exist in one of our other locations, or maybe it was recycled. This one is in name only... BUT it is housed in the chassis from the PC called "Aaron Rules" (now named Stickers) in the first post. The motherboard from Stickers met an unfortunate kaboom a couple months ago and I had saved the chassis which was quite fortunate since I needed one to build the Server 2012 test system. The hard drive from Stickers had been transferred to a new motherboard and chassis.

Oh and butwhy.com is not a real domain (you probably should go buy it now lol) and is the internal testing domain name that server sits on. I should probably have called it shark.attacksyou like the old one but oh well.

I'll try to take a picture of the chassis that "Stickers" had been in an "Uncle Socks" is in now... so that you know why it was called Stickers. :lol:

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