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i need help on the logon screen and more...

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ok I'm using WinXP sp3 and i have been trying to look up on how to make my own stuff I'm wanting to customize every thing i can, i am wanting to change all the backgrounds to all of the "start up screens/logons" and also the "windows is shutting down screens/logoffs" and also the installation screen when installing windows and the screen after that, and I'm only wanting to use reshack/resource hacker. the other thing is i am wanting to know how to put my own themes and wallpapers on the unattended windows when using Nlite, i figured out how to put my theme on there but the wallpaper/pic that i had for that theme didn't show after i installed it so i was p***ed. and i looked up how to make it so i can put my own pictures on there as wallpapers and the one forum said make a folder that say this ($OEM$\$$\web\wallpaper) but i tried it and it didn't work and idk what the stupid $ are supposed to mean cause no one knows how explain very well. so i would love to know to do this cause i want all my own custom made stuff.

thanks in advance

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