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ISO: higher res autumn.jpg

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In Windows XP there is a JPG in Windows\Web called autumn.jpg. It is 800x600. Today I started making an Active Desktop wallpaper design (I will post it here once it is done) with that as the background but I encountered a problem. The user who the desktop is for is using 1024x768.

Is there a true (upscaled) 1024x768 version of this image? I am not saying take the 800x600 and increase the size, because I want to be rid of the extra pixelation and artifacts that causes.

I've exhausted my search of The Google and also checked DeviantArt but I can't find anything.



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i think youre out of luck unless you can track down the original photographer. your best bet is to just use another image.

better wallpapers here:


also there are a bunch of unreleased Vista wallpapers that didnt make it into Vista that are great



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