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Copying files from CD to user disk issue

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Hi Friends,

I am new here and got an issue that i need help with... I need to copy some files from the CD to the user system and then after copying I called the "setup.cmd" file to start the installer. When I copy the files, I do this:

xcopy *.* "%temp%\myfolder

rem c:

cd myfolder


Now, the problem is, this only works if i remove that comment line i.e "rem c:" but since the users can have their TEMP directories on D: or E: drive, I do not want to do I would like to know what's the best way to handle this scenario...

Second thing I was thinking is to create a SFX using WinRAR but I am doubtful whether it will work on client systems that do not have WInRAR installled???

Any help would be appreciated.



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Replace your second and third lines with either

  1. Pushd %temp%\MyFolder
  2. Cd /d %temp%\MyFolder

As for the WinRAR SFX, it is a standalone and therefore requires no installation on the users system.


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