Win pe has .Net Framework Folder but .Net Applications not supported

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Hey Guys,

I know that there is no provision of running .Net applications in Windows PE but when I go through the c:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows folder I see a .Net Framework folder which does contain the .Net framework 2.0 support files. Just wondering if that folder is present why is it that .Net applications do not work or are not made to work in windows PE. Just had this question and this looks like the best place to put this question.

Any ideas why is it like that ??????




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It's possible and .NET runs on well on Windows PE 2.x - we've been running .NET apps for quite some time now under WinPE.


Try the VistaPE project that will build a boot disk using the Windows PE 2.x from either a Vista Install DVD or MS WAIK and add the .NET script.

MS by default makes it very hard to add more features like these so you'll have to something like winbuilder.

I've used to run program like, nlite and such.

And the VistaPE support forum in case you run into any issues



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