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FAT16 vs FAT32 vs NTFS speed on USB stick

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USB disks are at DISK.SYS. I tried to rename it to _isk.sys and amend txtsetup.sif accordingly. This failed, disk.sys is hardcoded and used in other drivers, I did not go further.

Probably also setup.hiv and .inf files need to be amended...:unsure:

You can try renaming other drivers, i.e. ATAPI.SYS->ZTAPI.SYS, just for the sake of checking? :blink:

I don't think it will work, as an ATA/IDE drive will be both under ATAPI.SYS and DISK.SYS.....:(



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as long as this update will not be automatically delivered through WU the majority of WinXP users will not have support for exFAT and thus my USB drive becomes much less portable if exFAT is used.

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A few tests on Windows 7 x64.

Buffalo RUF2-R2G USB stick, Windows 7 x64, xcopy-ing I386 folder only, from XP SP3 from a folder on the internal hard disk, 5878 small files, 375MB total. Default cluster size for 2GB partition, tests repeated several times with format before each.


NTFS - 572.22 seconds :w00t:

FAT16 - 169.17 seconds

FAT32 - 171.19 seconds

Quite slow Apacer 4GB stick:


NTFS - 696.48

FAT16 - 818.19

FAT32 - 903.17

Optimize for performance/removal doesn't seem to make any sugnificant difference in each case.


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I buy this Transcend Jetflash 790 flash drive and fire Crystaldiskmark up:






Now it isn't that I like complaining, but those numbers look too good to be true. That'd be SATA III SSD speeds for ten euros. :crazy:


To add weirdness the test was done on a very modest AM1 system with just an X4  2.1GHz CPU, and the drive was on 'Quick Removal' (not 'Best Performance').



What do you think?




EDIT - Never mind, I'm retarded and just mistakenly benchmarked the SSD instead of the flash drive. :ph34r:



THIS is the flash drive benchmark, about what should be expected:





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