Install XP from a bootable CDROm partition on UT163/165 USB-sticks

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How to create a bootable CDROm partition on UT163/165 USB-sticks

I used an A-Data stick: 2 and 8 GB with UT165 chipset.

This one:

Others with UT163 or UT165 chipsets can be found here:

Download UDFUtility from

->custom support->download->UT165 win98 (!!)-> tool

or from

run Setup.

Choose CD-image program. It is a Cd-writer-icon but is called "Autorun Manager".

The program is not "perfect"

It creates ISO-files but if you want to write a self created (bootable) ISO

this ISO should be in the root of a disk. Otherwise it can not be selected (in XP).

Caution: The write process is (extremely) slow!!

I managed to write a 1.5 Gb-ISO to the USB-stick. A Vlited Vista-image with additional

programs added with Magic Iso Maker.

4GB is the maximum possible because it is in CDFS-format


PS: Actualy after installation the program files are in : Windows\UfdApp

The files : UCDExec.exe and Ufddll.dll are all you need.

I do not know the function of this program (win98??): UCDExec_o.exe

PS2: File selection is easier with version 3.0.50. With 3.0.50 you can choose an ISO in a subdir

UCDexec from 3.0.50 is attached.

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