Zelda Classic 2.10 used to work fine on my sister's

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* Not exactly sure what Vista her's is.

BTW it used to work on my Log In (I am not administrator), I right clicked Zelda Classic v2.10w and click on Run as Administrator and I typed in my sister's password

it used to work fine but now at the luckiest Zelda Classic 2.10 will be at small screen version but as soon as it goes to Full Screen version

(I click on Fullscreen in Etc. if I remember correctly) and then at luckiest now (Fullscreen) it will show some yellow green and then cursor and

maybe one tile made and that is about it.

Are their any ways of rectifying this problem?

Thank you all for your help in advanced.


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yeah the shortcut create by ZC install wont work unless you change it to

"C:\Program Files\ZC2.10\zelda-w.exe" -res 640 480 big -fullscreen

dunno if it has anything to do with non admin or not though.


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