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Newbie Help on How to use addon

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Hi guys, I'm new with this addon , and I just want to ask how to incorporate this addon to a windows xp installer.

Please correct me, If I'm wrong, what I undestand is this addon are used so, we you make a windows xp installer (unattended setup), and put this addon, your installer would be complete and after the installation, it has all the addon you want, and you would not install it anymore, Is this correct ?

I already now How to create a Unattended set-up of WinXp, thanks to MSFN Guide, now i just want to how to incorporate this addon to a windows installer,

Tnx in Advance


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Use nLite and when you select the option for "Hotfixes and Update Packs", you can add addons.

Just add the archive; do not extract the addons.


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