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Repackaging custom windows updates/setups

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Hello Unattenders,

making custom packages is what tweaking any software setup is all about.
I think the usual method is to simply create a sfx-archive with your favorite archiver, which I really dont like as I want packages that give me a nice visible setup when double clicked, with the option to make it unattended.

Inspired by this post I set out to find a newer version of this sfx, and preferably in english since that one has some turkish resources in it - and find it I did:

SfxCab features:
  • subdirs in archive
  • parameter passed to default action/command
  • no config file clutter, very 3rd party unpacker friendly
  • not signed like IExpress packages, i.e. some archivers may be able to modify it
SfxCab limitations:
  • command must be an exefile without parameters
  • can't override default command with something else
  • no fancy icon, in fact no icon whatsoever
Make your own:
  • Compress your files
    cabarc -m LZX:21 -p -r N ..\outfile.cab *.*
    stub only works with LZX compression
  • Flag the executable
    open outfile.cab in a hex editor and edit the cab header for your executable like this:
    20 00 setup.exe => 60 00 setup.exe
    all other files should have a 20 00 flag - if not, use cabarc and not a 3rd party archiver
  • Build the sfx
    copy /b sfxcab.exe + outfile.cab outfile.exe
If you only have an MSI, use setupbld.exe from WIX 3.0+ to convert it to exe.

Find other "Self-Extracting Cabinet" stubs:
The attached stub is taken from the english IE7 setup, the cab-data starts at the 3rd occurrence of "MSCF".

Happy installing,

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sfxcab.exe file v6.2.29.0 does not work, floko84. produces "not a valid win32 application" error message, even when following all the steps correctly.
epic fail. :(

but I have an older version of sfxcab that seems to work. anyone can PM me if they want a working version.

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V6.2.29.0 does work but not the file attached to #1.

You can get a working one from this update:

Download it and rename to any 8.3 filename, ex. "update.exe".

Download pcopy02.zip, extract partcopy.exe from it and use:
partcopy.exe update.exe 0 8E00 sfxcab.exe

"Sfxcab.exe" (you can use any other filename) v1.0.0.0 will be created which can be used instead of the one from #1.




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thanks tomasz86, though I happen to find a newer version ( while I was away. AND I had to mod it in PE Explorer to correct the "raw data values" in order for any sfxcab packages that I create to actually work.

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