Notebook Quest Which is more Reliable

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  1. 1. Apple Notebook with Mac OS X or A notebook with Windows Vista

    • Apple Notebook with Mac OS X
    • A notebook with Windows Vista

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I M in great confusion about notebooks. I heard too much about Mac OS X that many features taken in windows Vista is copied from it & Windows 7 super taskbar is a copy of mac dock. Which is more reliable?


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It comes down to how you use it. And it also depends on who makes it. I think that Apple makes the Mac OS so that people can't break it. THey accept that most PC users are idiots and they wouldn't know how to get to the bash to screw things up. Of course if you use Vista properly you won't have any problems either, but that's not to say that will hold true for you.

As far as choosing between the two, it really comes down to what programs you want to use. And you have to accept the fact that if you choose a Mac, then you aren't going to be able to run all PC apps, since the XP emulation isn't going to be 100% reliable.


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