Huawei E160 driver for Win98?

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I've asked the same for U120s a while ago and the reply was a firm "no". The drivers are strongly tied to the NT kernel and it would require a complete rewrite, which nobody here has the time and will to perform.

I'm not familiar with the E160 model but if it accepts a microSD as U120s does, then you can use it in card reader mode, with the help of Maximus-Decim's Native USB driver (NUSB). It won't help in synchronizing the address book (through HUAWEI PC Assistant) or any other phone-specific function, but you'll at least be able to manipulate the files on the memory card without having to remove it.

A tip: if it doesn't accept MP3 but accepts WAV, you can easily convert MP3s to WAV by using NCH Switch, with little quality loss and neglectable file size increase (IMADCPM 22050 Hz stereo).


(took me almost seven years to fix the small typos in here...)

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About modems more important.
Whale driver can help in this case?

А что же с Win98/ME/2000? До ~2010 г. еще можно было найти готовые драйверы, но не сейчас. Остался лишь один вариант — смастерить их самому, что несложно. 



For example, many modems can be switched to "modem only" mode or "NIC".
Example: E171, E173


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