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unattended nforce driver installation

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I'm looking to automate installation of the latest nVidia nforce drivers for an nforce 1 mobo. I'm wondering which route would be better to go with this:

1) strip the files from the install .exe and arrange into individual directories per this page, or

2) automate installation per this page.

I hope this is a common enough chipset that someone's already tried and succeeded. If not, I'd appreciate whatever advice I can get, and will post my trials.

Route 1 is a bit complex, since nForce boards are all-in-one deals. The driver package, available here, contains a readme with the following descriptions:

This nForce Win2K/XP driver package contains the below components:

Audio driver 3.66 (WHQL)
Audio utilities 3.66
Ethernet driver 3.63 (WinXP WHQL)
GART driver 3.34 (WHQL)
MemCtl driver 3.38 (WHQL)
SMBus driver 3.38 (WHQL)
IDE driver (In-the-box) 3.58 (WHQL)
IDE 2.0 driver 3.66 (WHQL)
Installer 3.77
Display driver 52.16 (WHQL)

I think I'll need to create a folder for each of these and somehow figure out which order the directories should be in (001, 002, etc.). I also have some detective work ahead of me figuring out which drivers aren't needed, since I also have alternate video drivers and audio drivers to install. This makes an automated install look more attractive.

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Have you checked this thread first?




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Hmm. No. Looks like I committed a good ol' forum faux pas, and so early in my career, too. Please delete this thread?

thanks, aaron!


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