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Windows 7 Beta + WAIK 7

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ajua    0
To get started, copy the contents of the dvd to a folder on your hard drive, open install.wim (located in sources folder) with WAIK and add a new XML file. You can then read the documentation that comes with WAIK to make you Autounattend.xml file.

But, it would be better to read Firegeier's guide for unattended Vista first, since all the principles are the same for Windows 7.

Hi Elajua,

Thanks for your reply, I went on to firegeiers website but its down ; not accessible ; have you got the document you can email me ; digeratimag at gmail dot com

Thanks and regards

Download the PDF ricktendo posted for the guide and also read the documentation that WAIK installs, it is very extensive and covers most topics.

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ChimeraDev    0

I'm trying to build an unattended setup for Windows 7 Ultimate. I also install applications in the audit-pass and create a user in de oobeSystem pass. The only thing I need is the partition screen.

Since Vista SP1, booting to audit by running a command during the specialize pass isn't supported anymore. So the only way, as far as I know, is using the Microsoft-Windows-Deployment | Reseal setting during oobeSystem-phase to boot into audit. However, when you do this, the rest of oobeSystem will be ignored. Solution was to have a Unattend.xml file in the install dir with only the oobeSystem pass, and boot into oobe using a command in auditUser (sysprep.exe /quiet /oobe /unattend:%AppsRoot%\install\Unattend.xml)... Well, it doesn't work... At this point I keep getting the locale / timezone / product key / eula / user screens again, and when I look into the log, it says it found an already processed phase (oobeSystem) and it's skipping it, so I get presented with the unwanted OOBE questions.

Anyone has an idea? Thanks in advance.

Edited by ChimeraDev

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jobshopr    0

I just spent a few hours scratching my head trying to figure out why Window 7 wouldn't accept my product key that I had entered into the autounattend.xml

Then I found this in the help and I discovered I was placing my MAK key in the wrong place:

Comparison of Product Key Settings (There are two places you can insert your product key)


Specifies the Windows image to install during Windows Setup. If this setting is used by itself, Windows Welcome will prompt for a product key.


Specifies a Product Key to activate Windows. If this setting is used, Windows Welcome will not prompt for a product key. This setting can be used with Microsoft-Windows-Setup\UserData\ProductKey\Key. Note that the two product keys can be different.

If you are using a Volume License Multiple Activation Key (MAK), it must be specified using this setting.


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