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Dual Booting Vista x86 + Windows 7 x64

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I originally had Vista x86 on my hard drive and I decided to give Windows 7 a try. I went through the disk management in vista and I shrunk enough of my system partition to allow for a decent amount of space for Windows 7 (to which I then proceeded to install the 64-bit OS from boot). When I boot into Windows 7, it sees the new partition as being C: and my old one as D:. When I boot into Vista, it sees the system partition as C: and the Windows7 one as D:. I'm wondering if this is going to really make any difference or if it's going to negatively impact me in the long run. I keep installed programs and whatnot separate from each other. I really don't think it should but seeing as how I'm posting the question here, I'm clearly doubting myself :whistle:


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not a problem. it's actually good that each os calls itself C:\.

i dual boot xp and vistax64 and both see each other as c:\. no problems. when in xp, the vista d:\ part is just considered as another data partition.

you should be careful not to change anything in the other os partition, however.


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