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IIS everything is download only

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Some of my developers want in "Default Web Site Properties"->"Home Directory" under "Execute permissions:" for it to be "Scripts only" but for some unknown reason the site hiccups once a day and enters the download only mode so that when you go to a page it asks if you want to download it even for the index.htm pages. To set the site right again I set "Execute permissions:" to "scripts and executables" and hit it with a web browser then I set it back. If I leave it as "scripts and executables" some of my download links no longer work. I seem to recall having this problem a long while back but since I hardly ever deal with IIS I never bothered trying to find a solution or even the cause. Can someone point me toward the documentation on how to fix this issue? I'll look through the logs and see if I can find an event that might explain it too but it is weird that setting it one way and setting it back fixes it temporarily.


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Does the issue occur every day at the same time or is it random? Is there anything specific happening when this occurs?


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