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Problem with my HDD (MBR Issue, I think)

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I`m using XP SP3, which I`ve installed through USB...

On "My Computer" I see:


also from DOS (CMD):


Now Partition (E:) used to be Partition (D:)

-----Partition (F:) used to be Partition (E:)

but when I booted through USB in a try to install Vista, drives were listed the old way (the way before installing XP SP3 through USB)

So, I`m getting really confused, is there a way to make partitions appear the same way they used to be (which is the same way they appeared when I tried to install Vista)


Now, in all cases, there is only 3 Partitions

Before I installed XP through USB there used to appear 3 partitions

After I installed XP through USB there is still 3 partitions

When I tried to Install Vista there appears only 3 partitions

So, What is that 4th partition appearing in the picture?

By the way, I got this list this way: CMD > DISKPART > Select Disk 0 > List Partition


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How much is 79+30?

If the answer is 109 you've found the 4th partition. ;)

Seriously, a Primary partition is BOTH a partition and a volume.

An Extended partition is ONLY a partition and can contain one or more volumes.

About partition order and lettering, it depends on which exact method you used to install from USB and if the booted device was (as it should) being remapped to (hd1) through the use of grub4dos or other method.

Since you also opened a thread here:

I guess you should report with some more detail the steps you took while installing XP and the ones you are taking when installing Vista.

BOOT.INI has nothing to do with drive lettering.

Where is your \Windows\ directory?

If on C:\ you can use Disk Management allright to change drive letter from E:\ to D:\ and from F:\ to E:\

If viceversa windows has been installed to either E:\ or F:\ DO NOT try changing letter assignments.



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