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vista maximize window transparent!

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i recently installed vista sp1... but m not able 2 patch my vista with glassgazz 1.1

it doesnt run, as soon as i run it,,, close program message appears...

so i have 2 do it manually,,,by replacing the files but couldnt find the files.....

whre can i find the patch availabel 2 patch the 3 files.....

help eeded...




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Well For Starters You Should Try Disabling User Account Control.

Even Though UAC Is Disabled You Will Still Have A Lot Of Trouble With System Files.

BTW Which 3 Files Are You Referring To?

There Is A Much Safer Way To Get Transluscent Maximize Windows In Vista, Find A Msstyle With Has A Transparent Maximize Window,

There Is A Nice Windows 7 Style Out On 'Deviantart' Which Has The 7 Shellstyle Mstyle And It Also Contains A Msstyle Which Has The Same Taskbar As Vista But Transluscent Maximize Windoes And Not So Noticable Other Changes. So You Wont Feel Like You're Using 7 But rather Vista With Transluscent Borders Maximized.


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