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Desktop Guidelines

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800x600 is the limit, anything over that should be a link or a hyperlinked thumbnail.

You may upload images. Use the option "File Attachments" when posting which will create a hyperlinked thumbnail image of the desktop image. Your desktop image will be hosted here at MSFN. However, we ask that you kindly adhear to the following statements whenever possible.

* If you need to attach something, it'd be great if you could find a host for the file. Please only attach something if you absolutely have no other option. This will help keep the size of the database down and keep MSFN running smoothly for our members.

* Please do not post large screenshots in threads. Provide a link to the image and host it on your own webspace if possible. Always keep in mind we have several members on 56k and loading a thread with a few large screenshots can be quite slow for them.


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