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I have the following problem using Fileformatconverter (stand alone) in combination with powerpoint files.


Right clicking a ppt file choosing the option "Save as" (i.c. Moc.exe -f "inputfile") gives "The converter failed to save the file". In Dependency Walker or Filemon its visible that the "Save as" option first opens Moc.exe, than - in case of a ppt file - this program opens Ppcnvcom.exe (in case of 97-2002 & 2007 word or excel files there are no serious problems to overcome- see also my post on http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/133124-ms-office-2007-compatibility-pack-with-office-97/#entry1090415).


Experimenting using Ppcnvcom.exe (i.c. Ppcnvcom.exe -oice "inputfile (ppt)" "outputfile (pptx)") its possible to convert (silent!) ppt2pptx with Ppcnvcom.exe in Kernelex compatibility mode NT40 or higher. Pptx2ppt is not possible - but that should be normal behaviour as far as I know. I am using the latest files version 12.0.6500.5000. Older ones make no difference, except the first version of Fileformatconverters (Ppcnvcom.exe version 12.0.4518.1014 crashes).


Any ideas? Using Dependency Walker seems impossible because of a crash in Ppcnvcom.exe in both cases.  :realmad:

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