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Word and Excel 2003 memory usage

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Hey all,

I have a clients computer that has a rather strange problem. Basically, it used to be that when Word, Excel or Outlook (all 2003) were opened, they would use over 150 MB of RAM a piece. After disabling the addons in Outlook, it has returned to under 50 MB, but Word and Excel are still problems. I have disabled all addons, anything that was running at program startup and they were still using a lot of memory.

I found a possible solution that recommended the recreation of the normal template, and upon zipping the file for each of them, both of them loaded almost instantly and with less than 40 MB each. However once I quit and go back in, even the recreated normal template made the program slow to load and return to its high memory usage.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this, or how to fix it without having to delete the template each time the program starts.

Thanks in advance,



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