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cannot load drivers for onboard promise sata contr

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dacama    0

Well my 2nd post..

I have been reading this forum and other forums on this unnattended lark for about 1 month now and I got most of it working in an unnattended installed cd with slipstreamed SP1a+U1+WMP9 slipstreamed also.But i recently got two Sata Drives and planned to make them auto install so i could use the Sata Drives before my ATA133 harddrive.Guess what,I cannot get it to work.Before you say search the forums I have read and tried all the options like txtmode,hivesys.inf and txtsetup.sif and i cannot seem to get it to work

my onboard sata controller for my aopen k79gmax is promise sata150tx.

i downloaded the latest drivers which are whql certified v 10027 i think

my hope is that someone can give me a plain english version of how to do this either through txtsetup.sif or any other.i have had some luck but when it comes down to the actual showing of the partitions i get an error from txtsetup.oem I think.

Attached is my downloaded promise sata drivers for anyone to maybe integrate into any of there methods.



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