How to put multiple WINPE Distributions on one multiboot CD/DVD

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Hi guys

Suppose you'd like to have a dvd with Vista/Win7 setup files(installation disk), ERD Commander, Active Boot Disk, ESET SysRescue or any other custom made WinPE that you built, on a multiboot cd/dvd, so you could chose which one you'd like to boot.

How do you do it?

I had the same problem until a guy from Ultraiso forum -varun037- gave me the perfect solution. Here it is, I'll spare you the details. Thank you varun037!

finally got the things to work :D

the correct procedure is:

copy boot.wim from active boot disk as boot32.wim in sources folder

*** default item's description cannot be changed. Its default is Windows Setup and will remain as is.

bcdedit /store J:\1\WinVista\BOOT\bcd /ENUM

*** note the old guid

bcdedit /store J:\1\WinVista\BOOT\bcd /copy {default} /d "Active Boot Disk"

*** new guid is given at this stage

bcdedit /store J:\1\WinVista\BOOT\bcd /set {newguid} DEVICE ramdisk=[boot]\sources\boot32.wim,{oldguid}

bcdedit /store J:\1\WinVista\BOOT\bcd /set {newguid} OSDEVICE ramdisk=[boot]\sources\boot32.wim,{oldguid}

*** to check whether the bcd store has 2 ramdisks

bcdedit /store J:\1\WinVista\BOOT\bcd /ENUM

*** boot32.wim is the file copied from the active boot disk (boot.wim renamed)

I hope someone will have use of this how-to.



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