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Lost Soul

attempting to instal mobo drivers

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Lost Soul    0

i got a question i want to instal some drivers for my mobo, and ive came to this issue, im running a soy kt400 ultra dragon and it has about 8 or so drivers but i just want to instal the usb drivers and it has a Via4in1.exe, now the 4 in 1 is what i want the most and im trying to instal it from the winnt.sif

now ive extracted the files into a folder, and it has like 14 sub folders and 21 files, now i know im supposed to make a path for each folder that contains a inf file because the pc wont scan subfolders for inf files

so heres my question should i delete any thing and do i really need to make a seperate path to every one of the 14 folders ?

here are the folders















im sure i dont need the folders that dont deal with xp, but id like to know how i should handle this

how should i write it up in winnt.sif file when im dealing with so many folders, i know i should number the driver sets like 001_chipsets;002_graphics but what if i have more then one, i know i separate with simicolon,

can any body give me some helpful advice

btw in the main folder that i extracted this via4in1 into the main folder has no inf files,, does this mean i can delete all of them files,,, i would post them but thats too many files to put down but if i need to do it i will to give you guys a better understanding of what im trying to do...

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