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Environment Questions

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First thanks for this amazing tools.

Very powerfull with a lovely classic interface.

I have a question about environment processing.

Is it possible to "concatenate" or substitute environment variables into another environment variable ?

to create a sort of dynamic attribution and resolution and if yes what is the syntax ?

Here is my example:

windows.systemfolder.x86	= %SystemRoot%\System32\
windows.systemfolder.x64 = %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\
computer.processor.architecture = %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%

windows.systemfolder.current = %windows.systemfolder.%computer.processor.architecture%%
windows.version = %windows.systemfolder.current%ntddl.dll?Version

Also depending on the current computer architecture systemfolder will dynamically be attributed.

- windows.systemfolder.current does not work as i have a variable into another variable.

- windows.version works great if I specify windows.systemfolder.x86 value for windows.systemfolder.current

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Kind Regards



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I've never tested it, but it shouldn't work as you found out. But it should be possible without much code modification. Unfortunately I can't spent more time in wihu development.

Benjamin Kalytta


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