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disable update messages

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Guest LouCypher   
Guest LouCypher

You should also disable the Automatic Updates service since you won't need it running and it'll take up memory otherwise.

I've also disabled a few other services too:

Human Interface Device Access (I don't use any USB peripherals)

Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) (I run Tiny Personal Firewall)

IPSEC Services (I run Tiny Personal Firewall)

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

Print Spooler (I don't use a printer)

Portable Media Serial Number (no MP3 players attached on my 'puter)

QoS RSVP (no bandwidth throttling for me)

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager (I can fix my own problems)

Remote Registry (nobody needs to edit my registry remotely)

Smart Card (none connected)

Smart Card Helper (ditto)


Terminal Services (DON'T NEED THIS AT ALL!!)

Uninterruptable Power Supply (no UPS attached)

Wireless Zero Configuration (no Wireless LAN cards)

Windows Time (connects to Microsoft's servers)

I set almost all of these to "Manual" instead of "Automatic" and stopped them, except for a few that I disabled entirely. Seems to free up a lot more resources.

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