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Office 2007 updates ?

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There is not a current Office 2007 UL (I looked last night).

But there is something even easier from MS. While trying to download and extract all the updates since SP2 I came across the instructions entitled "Testing and verifying the Windows Installer patch (.msp) files" from this page http://technet.microsoft.com/en-au/library/cc178995(office.12).aspx.

Basically what you do is install Office 2007 and go through all the pain of doing your updates the hard way using Windows Update. If you have a machine that is already patched current just use that one.

Once your installation is completely patched and up to date you copy the script provided on the above page into a new text file and save it as “CollectUpdates.vbs” .

Run the script (Right click and select "Open"), a dialog pops up and tells you it's collecting the MSPs and will open explorer to the folder when completed.

When it's finished (takes seconds) and the folder appears, simply select all the MSPs in the folder and drag them over to your "Updates" folder on your Office 2007 distro. Select "Copy and Replace" to overwrite the dupes you may already have in there.

Next time you run the install it will include all the patches automagically.

Works great!



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Thanks, but the link provided doen't work: error: Content not found???

Correct link is:


Many thanks! The vbs script works fine! :rolleyes:

*Edit: but on my computer the updates are saved inside %userprofile%\Temp\Updates with Windows 7

and not inside Windows\Temp

Edited by myselfidem

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Microsoft Office2007 Service Pack 3 (SP3)

Date Published: 10/25/2011


Edited by rulman

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Using CollectUpdates.vbs on your computer with "Microsoft Office 2007 Suite" installed and updated,

all updates including SP3 are inside your folder: %temp%\Updates



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